I am on my fourth, five year lifecycle chunk. What is a lifecycle chunk? It is when you ask yourself — “What do I want to accomplish in the next five years? You put together an idea on what you want to accomplish — maybe it is a goal or a theme, whatever works best for you, but either way, it is a course that you chart out that is built with flexibility and expectation.

Let’s talk about why plans are important. Here is my story.

When I was 20, I decided I wanted to commit myself to a city…

Old houses sometimes have 2–4 layers of wallpaper on the walls… and then a layer or two of paint. You often see people wondering what to do — repaint or scrape?

Well, we did both here. We built some cute little shadow boxes to highlight the old… while saving money on scraping by painting the rest of the wall. Looks cute, right? We aligned the boxes with the wall so it would be a statement — like art.

Recipe: pieces of scrap wood, a nail gun and table saw… and an hour of time.

I renovate a lot of old buildings. If you want to know more about wallpaper, CLAP so I know! Thank you!

I renovate a lot of buildings and I cannot recommend peel and stick wallpaper enough — it is affordable, easy to install and has a high likelihood to bring joy.

Here in this bathroom, we decided to spark some smile action by adding the Chasing Paper Lipstick wallpaper to the back of the original medicine cabinet. Each time a person needs to get in there — BAM, there is funny lipstick in their face. With Chasing Paper selling this at $40 a sheet, it was a simple, affordable and super cute way to bring positive energy to the space. …

Almost a year into WFH… you’re bored with the space and need a little boost. Maybe you don’t have time or money to paint the entire apartment… but you love that Color of the Year or the newest trend? Maybe you just bought a house and don’t have the money to make it all worthy of the gram? Now is time to take some action into bringing joy and love back into your home space!

Apartment renovations can cost a lot of money. We’re in a pandemic which means we are limited! To reduce costs and lift spirits, this is…

…with what you have, where you are.” — Roosevelt

There are a few quotes that inspire me daily, this being the biggest one in my life right now. Being in real estate in the rust belt in Buffalo, NY means we fight hard to stretch every dollar because our older housing stock desperately needs every penny.

The Huntress (Before)

That is the case for the Huntress. As we celebrated the grand opening of What’s Pop-in Gourmet Popcorn this weekend, I couldn’t help but notice all the things we could / should do to the building. If people noticed, they didn’t say anything. …

Full disclosure: I’m one of those millennial types. A boss lady CEO in a “do gooder” work environment. I barely hit five feet but I pack a real punch. People think I’m fearless but truthfully, I have nothing to lose so… why not?

I turned 32 eating pasta in an old school italian restaurant with two older business mentor guys in suits who told me that to really succeed, I have to be a better CEO so I can work ON the business, not IN the business. They weren’t wrong… I needed to learn to say no, didn’t delegate enough…

Disclosure: I am a 5am person. I do think it is for me! If you think 5am is crazy, it get you… but I’ll say I was the last person you’d think would ever be a 5am waker upper. Interested? READ.

I learned a hard lesson — if you want to be a boss, you have to have a routine. If you’re your own boss, if you manage people for someone else, if you have a few employees or even if you’re like me and have twenty employees who rely on you to feed their families— there are a lot…

Last year as my business was growing from five to twenty, I realized a major thing was holding us back — my lack of routine. I was proud to say “I have no routine” and I swear, never did I take a shower, brush my teeth or even wake up at the same time everyday… until two business coaches took me out to lunch and told me it was time for me to put my big girl pants on and become the badass CEO they knew I could be.

So I sought out many words of wisdom. I enacted the…

Minimalist Packing Guide: Five days in BERLIN in the WINTER.

Traveling in the winter is MY FAVORITE for many reasons. Sure, it’s cold… but you can layer. You avoid long lines, save money on lodging / airfare / food prices, you drink loads of coffee and warm drinks and you duck into lots of spaces you wouldn’t intend to to warm up. (My favorite random duck in spot on this trip was a coffee shop that had a disco toilet bathroom!)

We decided to travel to Germany for “friendsgiving” over the long holiday. Tuesday evening to Sunday evening. Berlin isn’t…

After lots of funny looks and “why didn’t I think about that?” statements from fellow building owners and landlords/ladies, I’ve decided to write a series of stories dedicated to the clever things we do at Buffalove to make our spaces unique and help keep a smile on our tenants faces. From murals to stencils and everything in between, all the things we do are DIY friendly, simple and affordable. Here are a few of my favorites but don’t think I’m done — we have dozens of things we’ve done that I will share throughout this series!

Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo…

Bernice Radle

Real Estate developer. Lady builder. Tiny titan. Job creator. Buffalo, NY. Done with love, always.

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