Old houses sometimes have 2–4 layers of wallpaper on the walls… and then a layer or two of paint. You often see people wondering what to do — repaint or scrape?

Well, we did both here. We built some cute little shadow boxes to highlight the old… while saving money on scraping by painting the rest of the wall. Looks cute, right? We aligned the boxes with the wall so it would be a statement — like art.

Recipe: pieces of scrap wood, a nail gun and table saw… and an hour of time.

I renovate a lot of old buildings. If you want to know more about wallpaper, CLAP so I know! Thank you!

Minimalist Packing Guide: Five days in BERLIN in the WINTER.

Traveling in the winter is MY FAVORITE for many reasons. Sure, it’s cold… but you can layer. You avoid long lines, save money on lodging / airfare / food prices, you drink loads of coffee and warm drinks and you…

Bernice Radle

Real Estate developer. Lady builder. Tiny titan. Job creator. Buffalo, NY. Done with love, always.

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