Scrappy Saturday: A Bold Statement Wall

Almost a year into WFH… you’re bored with the space and need a little boost. Maybe you don’t have time or money to paint the entire apartment… but you love that Color of the Year or the newest trend? Maybe you just bought a house and don’t have the money to make it all worthy of the gram? Now is time to take some action into bringing joy and love back into your home space!

Apartment renovations can cost a lot of money. We’re in a pandemic which means we are limited! To reduce costs and lift spirits, this is a simple plea to say; think about using the color on one statement wall. (Color tip: make sure the undertones are the same!) Just this simple effort will save you money and time while giving you the much needed reset!

PSA: A statement wall can be presented as outdated or in, depending on who you ask… but the most important person to ask is yourself. Do you need a little pop of color? A little something extra? If your heart says yes, go for it. A quart of paint is under $10 and can get you pretty far on your journey. Just make sure you put a cloth down on the floors so you don’t damage them in the process!

To the other incremental developers out there like me: If you own a rental apartment and want to reduce turn over costs, a statement wall goes really far. Little things like this lead to lower turn over, happier tenants and cute instagram accounts.

Thank you for reading my “Scrappy Saturday” series on ways to save money and add joy in your apartment or home renovation!