Scrappy Saturday: Peel & Stick Wallpaper Brings Joy!

I renovate a lot of buildings and I cannot recommend peel and stick wallpaper enough — it is affordable, easy to install and has a high likelihood to bring joy.

Here in this bathroom, we decided to spark some smile action by adding the Chasing Paper Lipstick wallpaper to the back of the original medicine cabinet. Each time a person needs to get in there — BAM, there is funny lipstick in their face. With Chasing Paper selling this at $40 a sheet, it was a simple, affordable and super cute way to bring positive energy to the space. Because we aim to reduce costs in order to provide affordable homes to people, it is a small but important cost to the budget.

I am sharing this idea first because with COVID-19 keeping us more in our homes, doing something like this can lift spirits and jazz up a place. Have a home office that is boring you? A blank wall that should be a statement wall? This is not a Chasing Paper ad — you can use any company you’d like. We try to take a creative angle to all our projects here at Buffalove Development and thought that showing off our scrappy, DIY ideas would be fun to share with the Medium community.